Understanding Tachophobia and its Causes

Understanding Tachophobia and its Causes (1)

Tachophobia definition originates from a Greek word tachos’ which means speed and phobos’ which means great fear.

Tachophobia is therefore, the unwarranted fear of speed.

It is usually associated with activities such as driving, sitting in a roller coaster, biking and even running.

In extreme cases, people with this condition usually have an abnormal fear to any kind of motion.

  • Tachophobic individuals

A majority of people having tachophobia may undergo their normal daily activities without any interference.

However, one may only notice them when they are required to do certain activities such as driving or boarding a plane.

Some may refuse to walk along the road for fear of speeding vehicles.

  • Causes of tachophobia

Understanding Tachophobia and its Causes (1)One of the causes of tachophobia is a negative encounter in an individual’s past.

The tachophobic person may have been hurt in the past from an accident that resulted from high speed. It can also be caused by horrific scenes that the person saw that were as result of high speed.

One of the common causes is accident scenes.

Fear of speed is usually closely related to the fear of death.

A person sitting in a fast moving vehicle and thinking about death may suddenly develop an unwarranted fear of speed.

This may entirely change the individuals thought pattern and become permanent.

Stress and depression can also alter a person’s way of thinking and cause them to become tachophobic.

This mostly affects people who have recovered from traumatic experiences or coma.

Some events in life usually happen so fast.

This has been noted to be one of the causes of tachophobia especially in elderly people.

This could be associated with their child or grandchild who went through college, graduated, got married and settled far away in what they consider a short period of time.

This can cause them to fear speed.

  • Symptoms

Trembling and unnecessary panic in a speedy environment are the major symptoms to watch out for.

Some people may have a racing heart, sweaty hands and shortness of breath when in a moving vehicle.

  • Diagnosis and Treatment

In most practical cases, tachophobia definition is usually associated with fast moving machines.Understanding Tachophobia and its Causes (2)

A general change in personality when a person is close to such machines is sufficient evidence.

Such people are usually subjected to cognitive therapy or medications that can cool their anxiety.In extreme cases neuro-linguistic programming may help one to overcome the fear of speed.

Both therapies are meant to change a person’s thought pattern and minimize their negativity towards speed