Japanese Interior Design Basics

The Japanese way of designing homes is now a common concept. Their way of doing things has inspired many people. There are many things to love about the Japanese design concept. The Japanese style is all about minimalism and open spaces.

It is no surprise that many people are now leaning towards this way of living. The best thing about Japanese interiors is the fact that they offer a practical way of living. Every item that is included in the home has a function and a purpose. You can see more on how the design is implemented. Here are some Japanese interior design basics:

Use of Natural Elements

japanese bedroomThe use of natural elements characterizes Japanese. Natural elements such as wood and bamboo mark this design. It is possible to see raw unfurnished wood on the floor and even the walls. You will also realize the use of stone with these elements.

The idea behind using natural elements is to bring the outside into the inside. It is all about making sure that you attach yourself to the environment through nature. The interiors look quite rustic, and this is what makes the Japanese way of living unique.

Open Spaces

It is not uncommon to see open spaces in most Japanese interiors. Everything in a Japanese inspired concept has a meaning to it. Clutter is reduced to a minimum, and unnecessary items are eliminated from the design.

You will notice that in a Japanese inspired home that all the furniture items have a function. The sofas and stools are all made with functionality in mind.

Neutral Earth Colours

Japanese interiors are all about the use of neutral earth colors. You will realize the use of white, grey, brown, beige and other colors. With the use of neutral colors, it does not mean that other colors cannot be used.

It is still possible to use rich colors like green. The interior has to be calm and relaxing through the use of subtle colors. Bright colors have no place in the Japanese design concept.

Japanese dining

Minimalist Furniture

When it comes to furniture, Japanese style is all about minimalism. The furniture items are characterized by clear lines and the use of natural wood. You will not see curvy furniture in Japanese style.

Everything is about symmetry, and this is an important aspect in Japanese style. When it comes to minimalist furniture design, the same goes for the color options. It is all about the use of subtle colors.…